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The solution is to establish a company in England wishing to operate in Europe through a branch, which remains subject to the rules contained in its statutes, drawn up in accordance with the regulations in force in England, even in cases in which the company operates exclusively in another country without carrying out any activity in the United Kingdom.

In fact, European entrepreneurs are able to choose the legal form with which they intend to carry on business, considering not only those available in its national law, but also in the different member countries.
Here are the reasons why a Ltd is allowed to freely operate in any country in Europe:

-No risks for the entrepreneur's assets, in contrast to the european Limited Responsibility Companies in which, although the reponsibility is limited, the Director must respond personally for it's comapny management.
-Better tax position. From a European average of non realistic 33%, to a 21% of realistic taxation with an LTD, which with a good management can be reduced to a 5%.
-More competitive image and operativity. Making business with your customers and partens with a LTD based in London, means offering the best operational conditions, as well as competitive prices, as a LTD s exempt from fiscal pressures.
-The Civil Code rules governing limited liability companies in Europe are extremely rigid, unlike the English ones which are not binding on the contractor.
-The European SRL must submit a sworn report of esteem in order to make contributions in kind (eg real estate). The Private Ltd just needs a written contract.
-The European SRL must undergo articulated procedures, required by law in case of capital transactions (increase and decrease) or for the distribution of dividends to shareholders. The Ltd can modify it with an informal written communication to the Chamber of Commerce.
-The Civil Code generally imposes an obligation to specify an Object for the European Limited Responsibility Companies: this sets unreasonable limits to the daily operations within the company, and in some cases, forces the Director to choose between surrender or go for unorthodox solutions. The Object of a Ltd states: "All which is legal" so eliminating any difficulty.
-The European Limited Responsiblity Company has a ban on anonymous members and administrators, while the Ltd can be completely anonymous.
-A European Limited Responsibility Company must contact the Notary for any office operations, while in a LTD this process is led internally.
-The establishment time of a European Limited Responsiblity Company is from 15 to 40 days. A Ltd is operational in 24 working hours.

We believe these few considerations are enough relevant to guide the entrepreneur to the most favorable and advantageous decision for his Company.
An Ltd establishment is the best approach to any supplier or a customer, and to create a wordlwide business.
Anybody will immediately notice your expertise in company m management and your pragmatism in skipping bureaucracy issues.
Partners and banks will see your intention to generate profit and will be much more keen to collaborate with you and to open a credit.
Our company is trusted as a major Italian/Spanish/English company in the UK market, connecting the administrative world to the operational one.