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Our History

Typical milestones on NEAPOLIS HOLDING expansion path include the release of its first product for third-party investors outside the company – the Inversiones Casa Mia ( 1983) – in collaboration with Casa Mia (1998); launch of the world’s first Global Business in partnership with other 20 company;
In 2009, NEAPOLIS HOLDING acquired 4 company as Estrade , Aqes , Simonelli Shipping, Simons Real Estate as a global research and development company; NEAPOLIS HOLDING in the first phase of corporate restructuring and diversification was rooted in HR development, best-practice work mechanisms, and outcomes-based performance.
The philosophy extended to the creation of the management hierarchy within the Company, attracting highly skillful asset management and investment personnel, and the establishment of dedicated operating groups for Financial Investment, Direct Investment, and Real Estate.

NEAPOLIS HOLDING was established as the overall parent company, responsible for all wholly-owned subsidiaries and for overseeing partnership holdings in associate companies. In 2010 NEAPOLIS HOLDING Capital was created from the Financial Investment Group The Real Estate Group was reorganized into NEAPOLIS HOLDING Development, Today, NEAPOLIS HOLDING has successfully bridged the old and the new, building on hard work, and integrity to create a multi-national and multi-faceted group that has rightfully earned its place as a business entity of global status.
With Presindent Egidio Simonelli two sons are directors. They are joined by non-family directors and executives who represent a formidable assembly of talent and global experience. Together, they are committed to leading NEAPOLIS HOLDING to new levels of achievement, sharing a vision to be the largest global entrepreneur in terms of compliant wealth management.